simplify and optimize


Optomi is focused on building new integrated technologies and

processes to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with hiring the best technology talent.

Our unique solution includes fully integrated video interviewing...

making pre-screening candidates easy, no matter where they are, what the position or the timeframe.

Using a webcam, candidates can respond to customized questions set by the client or from our

extensive library of pre-recorded soft and technical skill assessments.


  • Assess candidates through recorded video at your convenience
  • Schedule LIVE video interviews
  • More accurately evaluate candidates prior to a face-to-face meeting
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary face-to-face screens


  • Customize interview questions
  • Choose from our extensive library of soft and technical skill questions
  • Control the response length
  • Designate the number of retries each candidate has during the interview process
  • No special equipment needed, just a webcam and an internet connection
  • Step 1

    As the client, you’ll be able to customize the interview questions or choose from a list of

    industry and technology specific questions for your assessment. You can not only control the

    candidate response length, but also the number of times the interviewee has to record their replies.

  • Step 2

    The candidate will view a short introduction and learn the landscape of the video interview.

    Then he/she will hear the interview questions selected and have the pre-set amount of time

    and opportunities to respond to each question.

  • Step 3

    Your Optomi Account Executive will then present you with a comprehensive dossier on our candidate. This will include a resume, a technical evaluation, references and a link to the recorded video interview of the candidate answering the selected soft and technical questions.

  • Result

    Optomi has simplified and optimized the hiring process... significantly reducing the time, cost and hassle of finding the right technology talent.